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Jupyter + MUSES = Science

We are excited to announce the launch of our own JupyterHub. Jupyter notebooks have become an essential tool for researchers across many fields in science. Scientific simulations, analyses, and calculations of all varieties are becoming increasingly computationally intensive. Our JupyterHub system will embed scientists in the computing resources they need. What is JupyterHub? JupyterHub brings…
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MUSES Begins!

The MUSES project officially begins today. We have hit the ground running, with a suite of services designed to enable the collaboration to do their work efficiently and enjoyably. Conversations are underway to organize source code repositories, begin the work of designing the software architecture for equation of state solver code modules, and establish academic…
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MUSES community forum is online

The MUSES community will grow to include more than just the core collaboration team members. Over time, the open source ecosystem supporting the MUSES project will include contributers and members of the general public. Open source communities need a public forum to enable their effective cooperation and collaborative approaches to continued MUSES development. To this…
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